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Do you suffer from rosacea? Why switching your skincare is an essential step

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

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I recently polled my customers on Instagram about rosacea and the results shocked me. Of the respondents, a whopping 37% have rosacea (though I’m pleased to say that 15% of that number currently have their symptoms fully under control). Data suggests that around 1 in 10 people in the UK will experience rosacea at some point in their life, making it an extremely common condition, but to know that almost 40% of my customers fall into this bracket made me realise how important it is to talk more about it.

Rosacea is characterised by redness on white skin or dusky brown, violet or purple on brown and black skin, and can be accompanied by a range of other symptoms including skin thickening, visible blood vessels, bumps and spots, dryness, burning and stinging. My customers with rosacea tell me that, not only has it impact their self-confidence, but it can also be incredibly painful. In a survey by the American National Rosacea Society, almost 90% of respondents said that rosacea had lowered their self-esteem and 41% had cancelled social events because of it. I know that we all have times when our confidence in our appearance is impacted, and one of my core missions is to help my customers to feel more confident and beautiful in their skin so they are never held back from enjoying the beauty of life to the fullest.


“41% of rosacea sufferers identified certain skincare products as a the trigger for colour-change and discomfort.”


In my research into rosacea, it’s clear that there are many causes, with extremes in temperature and stress being the most consistently identified causes of flare-ups, but 41% of rosacea sufferers identified certain skincare products as the trigger for colour-change and discomfort. That’s why - alongside implementing strategies to reduce other triggers - it’s essential to choose the right skincare products to help keep flare-ups at bay.

The National Rosacea Society recommends using extremely gentle products, particular to cleanse, and this is where Purity Gentle Cleansing Oil comes in. Purity is a simple blend of three cold-pressed plant oils, all of which have properties that are extremely beneficial for the skin. Purity contains black seed oil - also known as black cumin, nigella or kalonji - which is a potent anti-inflammatory and is fantastic at calming the skin and reducing redness. Alongside black seed, Purity’s other ingredients have a supremely balancing effect, which enables you to streamline your skincare routine. Many of my customers have gone from using upwards of 6 products on their skin to now using only Purity and our beautiful night oil, Serenity.

I’ll leave you with one of the most wonderful reviews I ever received from a customer who has experienced profound acne rosacea, and has seen a transformative difference since using Purity.

“Having suffered with acne rosacea and chronic breakouts, it’s difficult to find products that feel luxurious; thank goodness I found the amazing Purity cleanser. Every day feels like a pamper: it is by far the best product I have ever purchased and I am not too shy to tell everyone so. My rosacea has calmed down completely and my skin feels so hydrated.”

There’s no doubt that rosacea is a challenging condition to manage, and that the most long-lasting solutions will require a number of strategies to keep symptoms under control. That said, removing harsh skincare ingredients and replacing them with gentle, plant oils can be a hugely important addition to your rosacea-management routine.

You can shop Purity here.

With love,

Rachel xx

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