Purity Cleansing Kit is a 100% plant-based cleansing solution lovingly made in the UK.

Purity's light, gentle, all-natural formulation will leave your skin perfectly cleansed and nourished without blocking pores or leaving an oily residue.


Using Purity twice daily with Cloud Cloth will leave your skin bright and glowing. Perfect for all skin types: your skin will never have looked or felt so good!



The kit contains:


  • 1 x 105ml bottle of Purity Gentle Cleansing Oil

  • 3 x 100% cotton Cloud Cloths and a headband


Purity is a blend of Abyssinian, Black Seed and Jojoba oils. Our unique formulation has been developed and refined over 5 years to provide you with a light, gentle, non-comodogenic oil which delivers a deep, nourishing cleanse. Purity is suitable for all skin types and is natural, vegan and never tested on animals. 


We are delighted to pair Purity with Cloud Cloth, a UK-manufactured, 100% cotton cleansing cloth. Cloud Cloth is dual-sided - ultra-soft cotton on one side and an exfoliating action on the other - making it the perfect partner for Purity.


Our Purity Cleansing Kit is eco-friendly, manufactured in the UK and will be the first step of your new, natural skincare routine.