Our Philosophy

The Noble Apothecary was created to provide you with a new approach to skincare. 

We believe in a few important things:​​


  • We don't like the term 'anti-ageing' and you won't see it on any of our products. We think that beautiful, healthy skin is possible at every age

  • We know how well skin responds to simplicity, so we will never promote a 10-step routine or push you to invest in hundreds of products: we just don't think it's necessary. Where our products can serve multiple purposes, we'll tell you other ways to use them

  • We like minimalism, so we ensure our products and their packaging are simple. Life is complicated enough

  • We care about the environment. We limit the amount of plastic we use, and we keep our packaging to a minimum. We encourage you to recycle, re-use or re-purpose where you can

  • We are in regular contact with our suppliers about the oils we use to ensure that they are grown sustainably and without negative impact to the environment

  • We care about people, and we make sure that we trade fairly

  • Our products are 100% vegan and never tested on animals